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About Cory Goodwin

I'm a Southern California native. Growing up as a beach boy on the shores of Newport, reading on the beach was his home away from home. Well, I was probably at the library more, but the beach sounds so much more romantic.

After growing up, I decided to see the world. Without a trust fund, my best bet was to join the U.S. Navy. I sailed around the world on board the USS Carl Vinson.

9/11 was a tragic event for all. A call went out to right the wrong. On October 7th, 2021, I responded by participating in the first strike against Al Qaeda.

I've lived in several states, including Washington and Nevada. However, I eventually returned to my roots in Southern California. I currently reside in San Bernardino, California, with my family.

As a practicing Catholic, I love the Lord. I strive to treat everyone the way Jesus did—fairly with unconditional love. Far from perfect, I seek to trail behind the footsteps of Jesus.

In today's world of screens, reading books is considered a fringe thing. I want to change that perception. I love reading so much; I decided to dedicate my life to books. I love reading them, promoting them, and sharing about them. Sharing books with others is my passion.

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